Perfect Coffee Drinks for Spring

When winter finally departs and spring starts to make an appearance, the entire season brings a variety of changes. You may see temperatures start to change, and the sun begins to stay out longer. With this change in seasons, you may find yourself craving a variety of new things to eat and drink. For all coffee lovers, their coffee preferences may shift and change with the welcome arrival of spring as well! While winter makes you crave hot coffee, spring may change these preferences! Here are some of our top picks for the perfect coffee drinks to welcome spring.


1.   Iced Coffee

With the rising temperatures and longer appearance of the sun, an iced coffee is the perfect drink to say welcome to spring. This refreshing drink will be perfect to sip on while you take a walk in your local park and enjoy the new warmth of spring after the dreary winter months. With the promise of summer just a few months away, it is a great opportunity to start enjoying a tasty and ice-cold iced coffee. Although, many coffee lovers will tell you an iced coffee is perfect no matter what season it is!


2.   Affogato

You may say, wait! That’s a dessert! The truth is that affogato is regarded as both a delicious dessert and drink. With espresso poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream, the affogato is a great choice for a treat to enjoy in the spring months. You can dig into an affogato while you enjoy some time out in the sun with a good book or maybe meeting up with a friend. Not many coffee shops offer this tasty coffee snack, so come over to Intazza San Diego to try an affogato as soon as possible.


3.   Hakuna Horchata

It wouldn’t be a nice spring day without a cool satisfying drink that combines both espresso and horchata into a flavorful creation for adventurous tastebuds! We set out to create a tasty drink that packs a big punch of flavor. With the addition of horchata to espresso over ice, you’ll be enjoying unique flavors while welcoming the new season of spring.


4.   Iced-Blended Drinks

Enjoy ice-blended drinks, also known as our famous Ice Shivered drinks. Sip on this cool drink as the flowers start to bloom. You can get an iced-blended drink in a variety of flavors, whether you’re craving vanilla, mocha, caramel, or everything in between! Nothing says hello spring like a tasty iced-blended drink.


As spring makes an appearance around San Diego, you may be looking for a local coffee shop to grab your new favorite drink for the season. For a coffee shop  in San Diego that offers unbeatable service and delicious treats, you won’t find anything better than Intazza Coffee Mug & Grub. If there’s one thing we know, it’s our coffee and breakfast. For a tasty coffee drink and breakfast, come on over! Get your spring treat here, and you’ll be coming back for all the changing seasons. We’ll be waiting for you now!

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