Planning Ahead for Event Emergencies!

The day of your wedding, there is an unpredicted storm. The caterer for your birthday celebration has come down with food poisoning and did not make your orders on time. Your engagement party dj is stuck in traffic. These are examples of event emergencies that can throw our whole planning out the window. It’s better to be prepared for any emergency that may strike, so you can continue to enjoy the rest of the day and night to the maximum. Planning ahead can be easy and save you stress, so here are some of the steps you can take to do so!


Make Backup Playlists

Having a few rotating playlists just in case the DJ or band for your event doesn’t make it can be the perfect backup option. You can make a variety of playlists for different genres and time periods, so all you have to do is connect your phone to a speaker and enjoy the rest of your night.



You never know when you may need an extra source of lighting. Candles can be the perfect backup in case your string lights give out, or there is some electricity issue. You can even have them in cute little lanterns for extra ambiance, and if not needed, as event mementos!


Extra Food- Always!

No one’s ever complained about extra food. Stock up on large party sized trays of fruit, veggie platters, snack plates, charcuterie boards, and even one (or two or three) of those premade frozen large dinner dishes like lasagna or pizza. Just in case. If you need the food, you’re covered. If not, you’ll just find yourself with some extra food at home for the week.


Rent Extra Chairs

So-and-so bought a plus one. That aunt you weren’t sure was coming bought her entire family. Though more is always merrier, you want to make sure to have the seating to accommodate. Always make sure to rent a few extra chairs, and maybe an extra table or two as well.


Don’t Get Rained Out

Weather can be unpredictable. If your outdoor event is coming together nicely, the last thing you need is a case of rain to ruin your planning. Renting a few tents can provide the perfect coverage from rain, wind, and even harsh sun rays. You can even get sidewalls to keep the tent warm if the air is chilly.


Event planning can leave you completely distracted from the idea of what-ifs. We want our events and celebrations to go according to plan, but sometimes this is just not the case. It’s better to take some extra precautions to make sure all our guests are accommodated and having fun, whether that means stocking up on extra snacks, making playlists, and having a few chairs and tables as backup. If you are planning ahead and looking for a tent rental in Las Vegas, Town & Country Event Rentals is the stop for you! Enjoy your event with confidence knowing you have backup plans for absolutely everything!


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