Expert Moving Tips: How to Pack Your Dining Room

Moving into a new house should be exciting. Still, it may also be a stressful experience, especially if you don’t know how to pack your belongings effectively. From delicate dishes to large appliances and huge pieces of furniture, the dining room may be one of the most challenging rooms to pack.


Because the dining room is one of the least utilized rooms in the house, it’s an excellent spot to start loading up additional boxes for your move. That’s why packing up your dining room first can help ease the stress of the process. So, what’s the best way to pack up your dining room? In this article, we’ll explore some excellent tips to help you safely and efficiently pack your dining room belongings.


Moving Tips to Pack Your Dining Room


Here are some tips to help you pack your dining room effectively:


1.   Pack Fragile Items First


Start your packaging process by wrapping up fragile items first. Trying to keep delicate glassware safe is one of the most challenging aspects of packing your dining room. Once you’ve found a sturdy box, place the heaviest pieces on the bottom and the most delicate objects on the top. Wrap each glass or dish with tissue paper and packing paper. Cover any gaps with paper or cardboard for extra stability. After filling the box, close it with packaging tape and mark it as fragile on each side.


2.   Disassemble Your Furniture


If feasible, disassemble your dining room table and chairs to make them easier to move and save space. If possible, remove the table leaves and legs from the table and chairs. Keep any nuts and bolts safe by placing them in a plastic bag and taping them to the piece of furniture you removed them from, so you can quickly find them while reassembling your furniture at your new location.


3.   Keep Scratches Away from your Dining Room Furniture


Scratches can occur when you lift and drag heavy items through small doorways, down stairs, and into moving vehicles. Fortunately, by following the correct packing procedures, you may substantially decrease the chances of damage to your furniture. If you don’t have moving blankets at your disposal, you can use old comforters, sheets, and other protective coverings to avoid scratches.


4.   Cover Your Furniture


Most dining room furniture is fragile. That’s why you should cover anything valuable. If you have glass furniture, wrap the entire glass surface with moving pads and then in bubble wrap for extra protection. The bubble wrap will keep the fragile glass from being damaged or shattered. Wrap wooden tabletops with furniture cushions or moving blankets and secure them with tape. Make sure the blankets are covering the table’s edges, corners, and any other exposed areas. To provide an extra layer of protection to the table, you can also buy protective corner covers for your table.


5.   Hire a Reliable Company


The best way to get your dining room belongings to your new home safely is to hire professional movers to handle the task for you. This will not only save you time and worry, but it will also prevent damage to your property. Since most reliable moving companies have years of experience, they’ll be able to do a better job packing your belongings and getting them to your new destination without damage.

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