Top Types of Excavation Services

There are several types of excavation services available in the construction industry. The kind of service you need for your project depends on the material being excavated and the purpose of the excavation.


Depending upon the type of excavation, your excavation contractor decides what machinery and technique should bring the best results for your project. Machinery and techniques vary depending on whether you want to move soil, rock, or other heavy materials.


Let’s take a closer look at the top types of excavation services used today.


6 Common Types of Excavation Services


Here are the most common types of excavation services used in the industry today:

1.   Task-Based Excavation


Task-based excavation depends on the type of project you need to be completed. Each process requires different tools and different techniques to ensure the quality of work and safety of workers. When you hire a reliable excavation company, they will discuss your needs and provide a service based on the task at hand.


2.   Bridge Excavation


As the name suggests, this type of excavation is used when building bridges. Regardless of what kind of bridge you’re making, you need to have a solid, dependable foundation to ensure the safety and quality of your project. The main focus of bridge excavation is to remove any materials that are in the way of constructing the bridge and reinforce the ground to ensure stability.


3.   Borrowed Excavation


Some construction projects require the addition of specific materials to ensure excellent results. When your project requires this type of construction, then borrowed excavation brings materials from outside your site to complete the project. Borrowed materials can include soil, sand, gravel, or any other combination of materials used to complete the excavation process.


4.   Channel Excavation


Channel excavation is used when an existing channel or ditch doesn’t drain well or drains to the wrong place. Channel excavation involves removing materials within the channel to fix drainage flow and move the overflow to the right place. It is also used to increase or change the water flow to help deal with various issues, such as flooding or stagnation.


5.   Drainage Excavation


Drainage excavation involves removing materials to build proper drainage canals that carry water away from a specific area through a drain, ditch, or trench. This type of excavation is specifically used to change the water flow to move it away from roads, homes, and other places to prevent flooding. Drainage excavation is also helpful in agricultural drainage to bring water to fields and reduce water levels in areas to avoid the risk of flooding.


6.   Rock Excavation


This type of excavation is used to remove rocks from your construction site, as evident from the name. It is considered to be the most challenging type of excavation. That’s because it requires special equipment depending on the complexity of your project. Rock excavation can also require blasting or drilling, which can be dangerous if not appropriately handled by qualified professionals.

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